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General terms and conditions

Data protection and privacy

Emresa SA collect personal data about Sympass members in order to identify them as members and to allow them access to the conditional access pages of the site. The Member agrees that his or her data, needed for the execution of the Sympass services be stored and used in the data centers owned and used by Emresa in accordance with legislation and particularly law 08/08/2002 modified by law 07/27/2007. Emresa SA is committed to not using this information for any other purposes than those explicitly agreed to not distributing this informations. The Member allows Emresa SA to share necessary and pertinent information with potential partners and service providers who work or collaborate with Emresa SA within the context of services offered to Members. Each legal or natural person from whom personal information is taken, stored and used in data centers owned by Emresa SA will be granted a right to access and rectify his or her personal data and retains the right to oppose the use of these data, in accordance with legislation. 

You can subscribe to various services to receive a variety of information (newsletter, special offers, etc.) by email, in which case you agree to receive such information. You have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data about yourself as well as your subscriptions to the various interactive services offered by the site. You can make some of these modifications online yourself, by connecting to your personal space, by using your username and password which have been attributed to you. You may also, at any time, request that your account be closed by sending us an email which includes your username and password. From then on, however, you will no longer have access to the online services offered by the site.

General terms of use of the site

By using the services of the site, you agree to these terms, conditions and warnings. Emresa SA is the source of information for the retailer databank. This information is compiled by Emresa SA and protected under database law as well as copyright law. Any fraudulent attempt to obtain information may constitute an act of counterfeiting punishable by law. The documentation, titles, grouping, form of presentation of the headings, methods of classification are the exclusive property of Emresa SA. The site user is forbidden from any kind of sale, rental, direct or indirect marketing, transferral to third parties - whether for payment or not - and commits to using the information for their personal requirements only (or professional, in the case of "corporate" members only). Abusive use of the information exposes the perpetrators to legal proceedings. All reproduction or distribution by any procedure, whether for payment or not, constitutes a counterfeit and is subject to penalties foreseen by law.

Users of the site declare themselves to be aware of the risks linked to technical features of the Internet. Emresa SA can therefore guarantee neither the confidentiality of exchanges, nor that information exchanged via the site won’t be intercepted.

The site contains links to other Internet sites. Emresa SA cannot check the content and practices of these sites nor assume liability regarding their content. The presence of these links on does not mean that Emresa SA approve of the information contained on these sites. Therefore, Emresa SA cannot be held responsible for a dispute arising between a site referred to on the site and a user of the site.

Emresa SA cannot be held responsible for information obtained either directly or indirectly from the site. Information, products and services included on this website may contain commercial or technical inaccuracies. The user remains solely liable for the commitments he contracts. Emresa SA does not guarantee the exactitude, reliability or exhaustiveness of all the information obtained directly or indirectly from the site and can therefore not be held responsible for the information, products and services present on the site. It falls on the user of to use the information contained on the site prudently and to make all the necessary checks before concluding any commitments.

Emresa SA cannot be held responsible for any infractions committed by third parties, by service providers or by users through the intermediary of the site.

Emresa SA s'efforce de maintenir accessibles le site 7 jours sur 7 et 24 heures sur 24 dans la mesure du possible, mais peut interrompre l'accès pour des activités de maintenance, de mise à jour, de développement ou pour toutes autres raisons. Emresa SA ne peut être tenu responsable de ces interruptions momentanées et des conséquences qui peuvent en découler pour l'utilisateur du site, le client du site, ou tout tiers. Emresa SA ne peut pas être tenu responsable pour d'éventuelles inaccessibilités temporaires dues à des événements qui échappent au contrôle de Emresa SA(virus, hacking,...), ni pour les dommages directs ou indirects qui en découlent, notamment de dommages résultant d'une perte de données ou d'une perte de bénéfices découlant de l'utilisation ou de la non-accessibilité du site. Toutefois, les utilisateurs déclarent comprendre le fait que l'accès au site puisse être suspendu, notamment du fait de pannes, de défaillances ou de paralysie du réseau, du système et/ou des moyens de communication, ainsi que du fait des interventions de maintenance et de corrections rendues nécessaires par la mise à jour et le bon fonctionnement du site. Les utilisateurs s'engagent à ne pas entraver le bon fonctionnement du service de quelque manière que ce soit susceptible d'endommager, d'intercepter, d'interférer tout ou partie du service.

Emresa SA endeavours to maintain the site accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day as far as possible, but may interrupt access for maintenance purposes, updates, development or any other reason. Emresa SA cannot be held responsible for these momentary interruptions and the consequences which could arise for the site user, the site client, or any third party. Emresa SA cannot be held responsible for any temporary inaccessibility due to events which are out of the control of Emresa SA (virus, hacking, etc.), nor for direct or indirect damages which this may lead to, particularly damages resulting from a loss of data or a loss of benefits resulting from the use or the non-accessibility of the site. However, users declare that they understand that site access may be suspended, particularly due to a breakdown, network failure or lockup of the system and/or means of communication, or for maintenance and alteration interventions necessary for the update and smooth running of the site. Users commit to not impairing the smooth running of the service in any way regardless of whether it could damage, intercept, or interfere with all or part of the service.

All the elements of this Internet site (particularly trademarks, text, graphics, logos, sounds, photos, animations) are the property of Emresa SA, except for elements from retailers or clients of Emresa SA. Any elements belonging to Emresa SA, and à fortiori their layout as well as the resulting codes, are the exclusive property of Emresa SA. The protection of the site is under the responsibility of national and transnational legislation on intellectual property rights. In this way, any reproduction and/or representation, in full or in part, to other ends, on any type of medium, currently or in the future, is forbidden (except with prior express authorisation from Emresa SA). The non-respect of this prohibition may constitute an act of counterfeiting which may lead to criminal liability of any perpetrator.

Emresa SA reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of use of the site.

These conditions govern the use of the site. Additional general conditions (also accessible on govern the use of Sympass membership cards.

The general conditions of use of the site are governed by Luxembourg law. Any dispute relative to the use of is subject to the sole competence of the Luxembourg courts.

Charter of use of Sympass cards

  1. Sympass cards are and remain nominative and their use is strictly personal to the named card holder. It is expressly provided that these cards are neither a means of payment nor a credit card nor a proof of creditworthiness of the holder. They confer to their named holder the possibility of obtaining – during the period of the card’s validity - reductions and privileged access to special offers agreed to by Emresa with Service providers/Retailers participating in the Sympass programme as well as to activities or special events which may be offered to Sympass card holders.
  2. Discount offers agreed between Emresa and the Service providers/Retailers participating in the Sympass programme as well as activities and any special events are communicated to the Sympass card holders electronically (particularly via e-mail and/or shown on the website, without prejudice to any other means of communication). Except in the case of explicit revocation shown on the Internet site, Sympass card holders agree to receive this information. It is the responsibility of each member to respect the instructions of the employer concerning the use of their professional email address to this end, and considering that it is also possible to subscribe with one’s private email address.
  3. Reductions specifically given to Sympass card holders may not, in principle, be used together with promotions, sales, special clearance sales or liquidation discounts offered to the general public, nor with benefits offered to loyalty card holders established by the Service providers/Retailers participating in the Sympass programme. These Service providers/Retailers have the right to ensure that, where required, the person soliciting price reductions is really the person whose name is on the Sympass card presented and that this is still valid at the time of the operation in question. In a case where an observation is made of the illegitimate use or attempted illegitimate use of a Sympass card by a person who is not the legitimate named card holder and/or the presentation of a Sympass card which is out of date of fake, the Service provider/Retailer is entitled to withhold the card in question and return it to Emresa, who will cancel it and inform the employer who is a member of the Sympass programme concerned, without prejudice to other civil and/or penal sanctions against the perpetrator(s) for this illegitimate use observed.
  4. The holder of a Sympass card accepts that their personal data necessary for managing relations generated by the Sympass cards be acquired, stored and processed in the data bank of Sympass card holders held and used by Emresa, in compliance with any relevant legislation. Emresa does not communicate these data to third parties, except with the consent of the person in question or to meet legal requirements. Each Sympass card holder has available, through EMRESA S.A.*, who are responsible for processing, a right to access and rectify personal data, in compliance with current legislation.
  5. Cards may be valid for one or two years, except for the first card emitted in the name of the holder, which may be valid for less than a year so that it reaches its validity date at the same time as the initial batch of cards ordered by the employer who has joined the Sympass programme. Except for modifications, deletions or additions notified to Emresa by the employer subscribed to the Sympass programme, and on the condition that the subscription contract on the delivery of the cards in question still applies and is fulfilled by the employer, Sympass cards in circulation will be renewed automatically from one year to the next with the original details of the holder.
  6. In the case of loss, theft or destruction of the Sympass card during its validity in the name of the holder, they must swiftly inform their employer who delivered the card to them, who may request, upon certain conditions, from Emresa, a replacement of the card which has become unavailable. Any replacement card will include the same personal information and expiration date as that on the card which has been notified as lost, stolen or destroyed.
  7. In the case of the employer subscribed to the Sympass benefits programme terminating or withdrawing a Sympass card from a staff member, for whatever reason (end of employment, transfer, sanction, etc.), the named employee Sympass card holder must return the Sympass card emitted in their name to their employer who must render this card ineffective and return it to Emresa. The holder of the “deactivated” card therefore no longer figures in the data bank of Sympass card holders and no longer has access to the conditional access zones of the Sympass website, nor to the benefits that the Sympass card confers.
  8. Emresa is not party to relations of sale, rental or lending of services between the Service providers/Retailers participating in the Sympass programme and their Sympass card holding clients, and declines all responsibility in this respect. Emresa only passes on the offers of these Service providers/Retailers who are – each in their respective capacity – responsible for their own offers and for observing the relative legal and contractual obligations, especially concerning consumer protection, sales practice, sales communication and competition relations. Generally, benefits negotiated by Emresa with the Service providers/Retailers are given to Sympass card holders on the basis of presentation of their card which must be valid at the time of purchase. To obtain benefits negotiated by Emresa with Service providers operating on the basis of a ticketing system, the Sympass card holder only obtains the agreed benefit from the Service providers when making the order for the preferential rate tickets from Emresa who sends the order to the Service provider and provides the tickets to the Sympass card holder following this card holder’s payment of the price, it is understood that also in this case, Emresa is not party to the sales transaction between the Service provider and the Sympass card holder, for whom Emresa only passes on the offer in respect of ordering tickets at a reduced rate and therefore declines all liability in this matter. As for all other benefits that the Sympass card confers, the card holder commits to only use these reduced rate tickets for private and personal ends and is formally forbidden from reselling or using them for any commercial purposes, under penalty of their Sympass card’s immediate withdrawal, without prejudice to any other penalties to them.
  9. Emresa or their representatives may not be held liable in the case of the Service providers/Retailers participating in the Sympass programme breaking the contract, the closure of their establishments, any modifications of the benefits offered, changes in management or any event which is beyond the control of Emresa which, for its part, reserves the right to suspend, interrupt or terminate any agreement with the Service providers/Retailers participating in the Sympass programme. Sympass card holders expressly waive any recourse on these grounds to Emresa and its representatives. In a case where Emresa would be legally prevented from carrying out its activity in the framework of the Sympass programme, Emresa may withdraw from this programme without any financial obligation toward the Sympass card holders.
  10. Any litigation on whether or not to grant a certain benefit of the Sympass programme by a Service provider/Retailer participating in the Sympass programme to a legitimate Sympass card holder may be indicated by the Sympass card holder to Emresa, who will try to reach an amicable solution with the Service provider/Retailer concerned in line with the letter if not the spirit of the various contractual relations between the present parties.
  11. This charter is governed by Luxembourg law, under the jurisdiction of the Luxembourg courts.