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Concierge services

Don’t have the time? Don’t have the energy? Then you can use my conciergerie!

Shall we explode a few prejudices and myths?

The conciergerie is only for the ‘big cats’?

Well actually, no! Even though our largest conciergerie counts 4 000 users, the smallest is widely used by around 50 people who wouldn’t lose it for anything in the world!

Nobody would ever use a conciergerie…

Get real… It’s true that it’s a small habit to form at the beginning, just because it’s new, and sometimes, we’re a little nervous, but experience has shown us that the concierge knows how to quickly become indispensable for all sorts of services: dry cleaners, cobblers, gifts, shopping, repairals, bookings, etc.

A conciergerie is an enormous cost to the company…

We’d be lying if we said, ‘not at all’, because yes, it’s an expense, but we always define in advance a realistic investment which is well adapted to your company, whether it be the opening hours, services available, and the concierge availability. With customisations and personalisations, anything is possible …

And the concierge? A fully-blown salaried employee? Full time?

Depending on the size of your company, the concierge can be a physical person, or a virtual entity…but they certainly aren’t a hologram! The SYMPASS conciergerie has many virtual conciergeries, which means, without a concierge on site. Conciergerie services are thus ordered via our Internet platform. This solution is aimed at the smallest companies.

Finally, what do employees get from this conciergerie?

Apart from the social exchange link and meeting employee requirements, thus aiding their well-being, a conciergerie allows each employee to be fulfilled at work by perfectly balancing their private life with their professional life. It’s all about giving a helping hand, balance… and we’re smiling again!

Why choose the SYMPASS conciergerie rather than another one?

For our network of proved and tested partners, for our rates, but especially for the professionalism of our services and our accompaniment. It’s what SYMPASS do, after all! We are proud of our past history, our client references and their loyalty … so ... what do you say about joining us as a conciergerie client? Dive in, your employees will thank you for it! :-)

The concierge service

The concierge service has a single contact point to manage all private tasks which can hinder productivity, concentration and well-being of your colleagues.

From around fifty to a few thousand members, our company concierge services can be adapted to the needs of any company.

Sympass sets up either a virtual concierge service (without a physical presence) or a physical concierge service . In the second case, the ‘concierge’ may be selected by us, or may be a member of your staff.

Online services

Most of the concierge services may be ordered via our Internet platform , to allow 24h/24 access :
  • Dry cleaners, laundry, alterations
  • Flower orders
  • Perfume deliveries
  • Car cleaning
  • Shoe repairs
  • and many other services to be of assistance

Assistance services

Thanks to the concierge service, your staff members also have the followingservices available:
  • Finding service-providers (plumbers, crèches,...),
  • Organising travel (finding hotels, reserving flight tickets,...)
  • Help with administrative tasks (registering vehicles,...)

Physical concierge service

The physical concierge service in situ means there will be a presence and personal contact available for:
  • Optimal assistance to staff members for all types of request (see above)
  • Setting up a boutique for basic necessities (toothpaste, deodorant, tights,...) and convenience goods (champagne for an evening invitation).

The concept has many benefits

Selecting a concierge service means, above all, opting for a solid, experienced partner, well accomplished in Luxembourg.
We also offer:

  • A virtual concierge service without a concierge.
  • A physical concierge service with a concierge onsite, available from us or who could be a staff member from your company.
The concierge service is aimed at small companies as well as large ones. It is based mainly around our Internet platform, which allows online orders and payment for services, access to order histories as well as statistics on use.
Setting up a concierge service is simple and fast.

Main benefits for staff

  • Better balanced personal life/professional life
  • Reduction of stress
  • Gaining time
  • Mental well-being
  • Better concentration at work and improved quality of personal life.

Main benefits for employer

  • Improved productivity
  • Loyal staff and improved salary package
  • Recognition and motivation of staff
  • Single contact person and minimal intervention of employer.

SYMPASS works with SMEs and manages the largest concierge service in the country

Physical concierge services

The BGL BNP Paribas concierge service is the largest concierge service set up in Luxembourg. It is aimed at over 4 200 staff members.

A concierge available through Sympass manages the physical concierge service and all the staff members’ requests.

Hybrid concierge services

The Linklaters law firm uses a concierge services via the Sympass platform. On the other hand, the onsite concierge is not a member of the Sympass staff but a member of the Linklaters staff trained by the Sympass team.

Virtual concierge services

The Sympass concierge service has many virtual concierge services, which means without a concierge onsite. This solution is aimed at smaller companies who use our Internet platform and have access to all services online.